About Us

Our journey began about 10 years ago when my mom developed an allergy to commercial lip balms.  So she and I did some library and Internet research on the subject and came up with an idea for a starting point.

…And so…my mom, my best friend, and I got together with our ingenious spirit in my mom’s kitchen.  We mixed, told stories, poured, laughed, colored labels, and created something truly extraordinary. Our first creation used several ingredients from the cupboard including lemon extract and red food coloring.

That was the first lip balm my mom was able to comfortably use in a long time.

This was the birth of Red Lemon®.

While the initial formula left a lot to be desired, including a very short shelf life, I was hooked.  I wanted to know how it all worked, the chemistry of it all. I wanted to develop a line that would be fun to make and use, but more importantly was honest and simple.

Since then I have taken to learning about skincare products. I have made a conscious effort to be responsible and loving to my skin by developing a skincare line I feel comfortable using and sharing with my ever-growing family.

Knowledge, creativity, health, and a fun happy feeling were my driving forces.

Today in our company we still strive for knowledge, eco-consciousness and the drive to create a fun and luxurious product.

We use natural ingredients to create simple skin nourishing bath and body products.

Jacquelyn Uznanski,

President & CEO

U Creations, Inc. Red Lemon® Apothecary