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Welcome to my fabulously scented world of science and fun!

Good morning fellow soap and bath & body enthusiasts!

While I had planned to launch my blog this spring, I had not anticipated launching it during a pandemic.

Here I was with a list of blog topics and a handful of stories, and I couldn’t.  I couldn’t work on them or post them as planned.

I was paused in my writing abilities by the growing strength of the SARS-COV-2 virus (commonly called COVID-19 referring to a novel coronavirus that became a human virus in 2019) and its hastening appearance on the global stage.

So as a result, my plans to post a series of blogs (after turning in my taxes of course) about use, benefits, how things work, recyclability… have been put off a bit.

I simply could not focus and write on these topics which I know so well. It was not where my mind was. I was thinking of the travelling of the virus and how quickly it could potentially become an issue.

Not too long after, it was a huge issue in our own back yards.  We now know that even in early January, it was already here and spreading.

So, what did I do to alleviate my stress?

I stopped watching the news.

Then, I started delving into the data.

The realities of exponential growth were there for the seeing in the data, even if it wasn’t in the mainstream news yet.

I started looking into what I could do. While I couldn’t get the ingredients for a reasonably priced hand sanitizer (for those in need away from a sink) I could make soap. I ordered some materials and equipment to make more soap and get my additional products online.

Now that I felt in order on product, I began thinking about the wave of information and worked out where the good sources were.

This left me with only one thought:

I could write the info and data into my blog… in hopefully interesting and entertaining posts that inform people based on the current scientific and medical data that’s available.

And so, this is how my new blog will start off. Like Terry Pratchett when he rewrote The Carpet People…not quite what I had originally planned as I am no longer that same person today. While I will still be discussing soap and other bath and body products, I will also be sharing some information about the current world, from a science and data point of view. Since these are the topics able to flow from my fingers it seems like a good strategy for this new world before us. 

My actual plan is to post bimonthly, with the occasional extra post here and there. Due to this new situation, I may end up putting up extra posts when I feel there is additional relevant data that just needs to be written and put out there right away.

I am excited to be sharing with my friends and fans old and new.

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